The Tuition Vehicle : Clean, Safe and Stylish,

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The car you will be learning to drive in is the market leading 1.0 Ford Fiesta Titanium

  Added Safety for Yourself and a useful teaching aid for controls.   Assists yourself in turning the car by making the steering feel much lighter   Controls the temperature in the car to create an effective learning climate.   Bless you, well hopefully not necessary. It provides you with two other active safety systems: the Antilock Braking System ABS and the Traction Control System TCS. ABS prevents the wheels from locking during braking; TCS prevents the wheels from spinning when starting off and acceleratin

Brand New 1.0 Ford Fiesta Titanium  5 Star NCAP. Because Safety comes First.

  Quick and easy to adjust, helps with MSM routine and reverse exercises. Quick Clear Heated front and rear windscreens for improved visability. whatever the weather.   Both driver and passanger airbags incase the worst should happen you know your safety wont be compromised.   Height and position adjusters for the Short and Tall alike, better visability and good headroom.   If the worst should happen your safety is of the highest order. 5 stars safety: Overall good performance in crash protection. Well equipped with robust crash avoidance technology

With Paul's 5 Star Driving Tuition, all your lessons take place in a brand new Ford Fiesta. The car is covered with the AA logo and telephone number and is a great visual aid for other drivers to alert them to your presence as a learner driver. The car is always kept clean and maintained to the highest standards.

Although the size of the car is not particularly important when learning to drive the Ford Fiesta does have some wonderful advantages compared with other makes and models, its small and very nimble making those turn in the roads and reversing manoavers much simpler.

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