Link to DropboxLink to AdobeAccounts is a new online service using Dropbox for the student and anybody they wish to share the link with to view your driving progress and report.

The main purpose of making these online accounts available is to promote transparency in the learning process allowing the student, parents and/or loved ones to view their progress, track number of lessons and work on the same things to improve the learning cycle and hopefully reduce the learning time frame, saving you money and time.

The learner driver has the sole responsibility to share the link and information available.

Information available through the online portal is:

Date of update


Current package, i.e pay by lesson, 10 lesson package, etc

lesson balance, how many lessons remaining in the current package.

Loyalty rewards pending, available, used.

Driving progress report

Driving notes. Including advice if practicing at home.

*Please be aware that after lessons it may be up to 24hrs before the portal is updated

**you will need a dropbox account and a PDF reader to use this feature (both services are free at time of press)

If you have an Account connect to Dropbox now to view your report.

Link to Dropbox website.  Link to Adobe PDF reader 
download page.

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